The Brand


When choosing the perfect present or looking for a new home décor you should consider these beautifully designed arrangements made of natural fresh cut flowers.

It doesn’t require any maintenance and last for up to five years. The brilliant products are enclosed and keep the flowers fresh.

The secret is the vacuum technology that keeps the vases vacuum-sealed. The arrangements include a variety of roses and orchids to add color and style to their living spaces.

The products feature a glass vase in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The selections include small baskets that hold the flowers stable inside the vases and prevent damage. This product is also perfect for restaurants, hotels, cruise ships or any other business space decoration. 


Flowers for FIORA FLOWER® arrangements are grown on a farm in the highlands of Northern Thailand. The country has abundant water supply and wonderful climate to produce various kinds of orchids, roses and other cut flowers. 

Only best quality fresh flowers are picked up and processed through a unique and non-toxic preservation method. Each step of the process is made completely by hand.


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