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43918 Long-Lasting Orchids in a Large Glass Vase

43918 Long-Lasting Orchids in a Large Glass Vase

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  • 100% Natural Fresh Flowers picked by hand and processed through a unique and non-toxic preservation method
  • Vacuum-sealed technology that keeps flowers fresh for 5 years and longer
  • Does not require irrigating, allergy-free, pet-proof
  • All our glass vases have sealed glass top and can not be opened.

Included to this vase:

  • Flat Round Glass Vase,
  • 3 White Orchids,
  • 8 Carmela Orchids,
  • 4 Spray Carnation, 
  • Greenery.


Dimensions of this vase:

  • Height - 10.4 inch,
  • Bottom diameter - 4.3 inch,
  • Top diameter - 7 inch,
  • Diameter of the widest part - W10.4 x D 5.2 inch.

Zero maintenance required to keep the flowers looking fresh for 5 years and more.

Please, keep in mind that since these flowers are 100% natural, and our arrangements are 100% handmade, the actual color and single flower size inside the vase may slightly vary from the pictures on our on-line store. 

If you keep the flowers away from direct sunlight the flowers will last even longer than 5 years.

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A Gift that Reflects Your Emotions


  • 5+ Years

    Each vase has a sealed glass lid designed to safeguard the delicate blooms within.

  • 100% Natural

    All flowers and greenery inside vases are natural.

  • Zero Maintenance Required

    No need to water flowers, they will stay fresh with the simple precaution of avoiding direct sunlight.

All Fiora Flower arrangements are handcrafted with care.

Each vase tells a story of skilled artistry and meticulous care, ensuring your gift is a true reflection of your emotions.