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68614 Long-Lasting Roses and Gerbera in a Glass Vase

68614 Long-Lasting Roses and Gerbera in a Glass Vase

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  • 100% Natural Fresh Flowers picked by hand and processed through a unique and non-toxic preservation method
  • Vacuum-sealed technology that keeps flowers fresh for 5 years and longer
  • Does not require irrigating, allergy-free, pet-proof
  • All our glass vases have sealed glass top and can not be opened.

Included to this vase:

  • Round Glass Vase Slant Top,
  • 4 Red Roses, 
  • 1 Orange Gerbera, 
  • Greenery.

 Dimensions of this vase:

  • Height - 7.5 inch,
  • Diameter - 7.7 inch


Zero maintenance required to keep the flowers looking fresh for 5 years and more.

Please, keep in mind that since these flowers are 100% natural, and our arrangements are 100% handmade, the actual color and single flower size inside the vase may slightly vary from the pictures on our on-line store. 

If you keep the flowers away from direct sunlight the flowers will last even longer than 5 years.

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