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Fiora Flower | Long Lasting Real Roses in a Sealed Vase | Lasts up to 5 Years | Unique Present Gift

Fiora Flower | Long Lasting Real Roses in a Sealed Vase | Lasts up to 5 Years | Unique Present Gift

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Experience the everlasting beauty of nature with our exquisite vase featuring seven handpicked red roses and lush greenery. Each rose is meticulously preserved using a unique, non-toxic method and sealed within a glass vase to retain its vibrant charm for over 5 years. Ideal for homes with allergies or pets, this enclosed vase ensures your roses remain allergen-free and pet-proof, allowing you to enjoy their elegance worry-free. With dimensions of 8.3 inches in height and a stylish design, this vase complements any decor, making it a timeless addition to your space.
  • Handpicked Natural Freshness: Our vase features seven handpicked, 100% natural red roses adorned with lush greenery. Each flower is selected and processed using a unique, non-toxic preservation method, ensuring unparalleled quality and lasting beauty.
  • 5+ Years of Blooming Elegance: Thanks to our innovative vacuum-sealed technology, these vibrant roses stay fresh for over 5 years and beyond. Enjoy their elegance without worrying about wilting or fading.
  • Allergen-Free, Pet-Friendly with Enclosed Vase: Perfect for households with allergies or pets, our preserved roses are allergen-free and entirely pet-proof. The enclosed glass vase, sealed with a lid, ensures that the beauty of the flowers is protected, allowing you to enjoy them without any concerns about allergies or curious pets. Revel in the beauty of flowers with complete peace of mind.
  • Securely Sealed Glass Vase: Our glass vase, designed for lasting beauty, comes with a sealed glass top that cannot be opened. It's not just a vessel; it's a protective showcase for your preserved roses.
  • Effortless Maintenance with Sunlight Caution: Experience the joy of having everlasting blooms with zero maintenance. These preserved roses require no watering or sunlight. Simply display them, and they'll look fresh and vibrant for years. However, kindly ensure they are not exposed to direct sunlight to maintain their longevity and beauty.
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A Gift that Reflects Your Emotions


  • 5+ Years

    Each vase has a sealed glass lid designed to safeguard the delicate blooms within.

  • 100% Natural

    All flowers and greenery inside vases are natural.

  • Zero Maintenance Required

    No need to water flowers, they will stay fresh with the simple precaution of avoiding direct sunlight.

All Fiora Flower arrangements are handcrafted with care.

Each vase tells a story of skilled artistry and meticulous care, ensuring your gift is a true reflection of your emotions.