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In Flores Veritas: Orchid Harmony Glass Ensemble - Lasts up to 5 Years - Elegant Gift for Any Occasion

In Flores Veritas: Orchid Harmony Glass Ensemble - Lasts up to 5 Years - Elegant Gift for Any Occasion

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Step into a world of harmony with our In Flores Veritas Orchid Harmony Glass Ensemble. This exquisite arrangement features four graceful purple orchids and three delicate white orchids, meticulously preserved to maintain their natural allure for up to five years. Nestled within a uniquely shaped vase, known as the Flat Rugby Glass Vase, the orchids are artfully arranged from one side, while the back showcases lush greenery, ensuring the orchids are always the focal point. With dimensions of 7.65x3.35x6.7 inches, this ensemble serves as a stunning centerpiece for any space, making it an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

  • Orchid Harmony Glass Ensemble: Presented in a uniquely shaped vase known as the Flat Rugby Glass Vase, this arrangement features a harmonious blend of four purple orchids and three white orchids, creating a captivating and elegant display.
  • Artful Arrangement: The orchids are meticulously arranged from one side of the vase, ensuring they remain the focal point of the ensemble.
  • Lush Greenery: The back of the vase is adorned with lush greenery, adding depth and vibrancy to the arrangement and accentuating the beauty of the orchids.
  • Premium Quality: Each orchid undergoes a meticulous preservation process, ensuring they retain their natural beauty and delicate allure.
  • Versatile Gift: Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a unique gesture of appreciation, this elegant ensemble embodies modern sophistication and enduring love.
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A Gift that Reflects Your Emotions


  • 5+ Years

    Each vase has a sealed glass lid designed to safeguard the delicate blooms within.

  • 100% Natural

    All flowers and greenery inside vases are natural.

  • Zero Maintenance Required

    No need to water flowers, they will stay fresh with the simple precaution of avoiding direct sunlight.

All Fiora Flower arrangements are handcrafted with care.

Each vase tells a story of skilled artistry and meticulous care, ensuring your gift is a true reflection of your emotions.